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Grief Books on the Loss of a Mother

"Giving Voice
to Grief."

Dr. S Anderson PhD.

Grief Books

inner riches - an autistic woman's story of love & motherloss is available on amazon

Are You Grieving?  Are You Autistic? Or Do You Love Someone on the Autism Spectrum? inner riches is a heartwarming memoir that tells the story of an extraordinary bond between a mother and daughter. It will move you to tears in one moment and surprise you with amusement in the next. When Michelle suffers the traumatic, sudden death of her mother, she is inconsolable. Grief on the Autism Spectrum is not often discussed. Contrary to many myths, this book demonstrates how autistic people deeply feel. It mines the depth of human emotion and is like no other book about grief. Experience Michelle's transformation following her late diagnosis of autism and gain deeper insight into the emotional lives of autistic women. At the same time, discover unique strategies for healing after loss. If you are grieving, autistic or not, this book will give you comfort, hope, even inspiration, as it shows us that death is not the termination of all possible connection between us and those we love so dearly.

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From Readers

"inner riches has helped people from all walks of life, of all ages, those on and off  the autism spectrum."

Dr. S Anderson PhD.

"It's a relief when you find your feelings and emotions have been given written expression. It touches the deepest parts of you."

Amazon Customer

"If ever proof was needed of how autistic women can experience emotion - this is it."

V. Hughes

"Oh, I loved that book!!"

Amazon Customer

"Michelle puts grief into the lexicon."

J. McCarthy

"I could not put this book down!"


"Michelle takes love to a new level."

M. Brenner

"You will find immense comfort in Michelle's words and experiences."

V. Hughes

"I just finished inner riches... and all I can say is, WOW.  What a beautiful and wonderful story by a brilliant and talented writer."

J. Kent

It's been almost 11 years since my mum left my side. This book has helped me to realise that I have spent too long trying to learn how to live without her that I had stopped honouring my powerful and deep connection to her. I had put away her things so I could "move on" but now all I want to do is surround myself with everything that connects me to her. I miss her terribly, and had lost myself by trying to find out who I am without her. I am who I am because of her, with or without her by my side....I am proud to be my mother's daughter. I am not motherless. I have experienced Mother-loss. It has left a deep and gaping wound on my heart, but from now on I will honour her, and fill the void, by living the life she would wish for me.

R. Davis

"In the western world, we don't "do" grief well. This book gives us permission to grieve by giving grief a voice."

Dr. S Anderson PhD.

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