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Author of Grief Books, Michelle Dorothy Riksman

Michelle Dorothy Riksman expresses the inexpressible in subtle and explicit ways, whether in writing or in life. From a very early age, she had a knack for understanding words and using adult concepts. Michelle was born in Lake Macquarie, Australia, in 1976 and raised in Port Stephens. She has always loved English and Photography. Michelle co-authored some poetry which appears in Love is - written by people of the world for people of the world - square shaped circles - a home for round pegs. In 2009 Michelle established Simple Miracle Photography, focusing on her wonderment of flora and fauna. Her work is featured in the following publications: Dog breeds of Australia, Titles of the Champions, Showcase of Champions, and featured twice in the Dog breeds of Australia Calendar. Michelle published inner riches – an autistic woman’s story of love & motherloss in 2019 and later founded AWE (Autistic Women Everywhere), a free worldwide initiative encouraging autistic women, including gender-diverse people on the spectrum, to share their lived experience of autism through their diagnosis stories, books, and quotes. Michelle lives in NSW with her partner, Sonia, and their cats, William and Sidney. 

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